Well Care Eye Exam – Only $119

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Contact Lens Services:

  • Existing Contact Lens Wearers: For an additional $45, we include a thorough evaluation and fitting for your contact lenses, whether they are Daily Wear, Extended Wear, or for astigmatism.
  • New to Contact Lenses? Only an additional $75 for new patients, covering evaluation, fitting, and selecting the best lens type for your lifestyle, including options for multifocal lenses to address presbyopia.

State-of-the-Art Lens Technology:

  • Latest Material for Comfort and Clarity: We utilize the newest contact lens materials to ensure your comfort and provide crystal-clear vision.

Do You Only Need An Exam or a Retinal Scan, But No Prescription?:

  • Jackson Eye Care offers a Medical Eye Exam with Medical Findings to submit to your medical insurance starting at $59. Price may increase depending on findings and treatments required. We can also offer a stand-alone 200-degree Optos scan for $75.

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Call today for your Annual Eye Exam: 970-224-0606